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What Public Training participants are saying

What was the biggest lesson you learnt as a result of doing the AsiaWorks Training?
I now look at things from different points of view and with a new mindset. I live in a responsible way, not as a victim, and I understand what it means to contribute and have a deeper appreciation of feedback.
Before The Basic Training I saw feedback as either negative or positive. In The Basic Training I see that feedback is neutral. It is information that I can use to reflect about myself

How has life been different for you since you completed the trainings?
In AsiaWorks Basic Training, I learnt to become authentic and respect others. I also learnt to connect with my feelings. As a former civil engineer, working in a construction company, I found it very difficult to truly experience each moment because I am used to logic and facts

Extraordinary things I've created as a result of me expanding myself:
I have built a new Culture (5R) for WIKA. This was one of my goals when I did the AsiaWorks Leadership Program in 2003. Since then, this culture has been a 'trademark' for WIKA. As a result of it, WIKA has won:

  • The HRD Congress 2006 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the field of Human Resource Development
  • The Best Human Capital, Indonesia Business Review magazine vision (2005 & 2006)
  • Prof. Dr AM Kadarman Award - PPM for Human Resource development - No. 1

IR Tonny Warsono H.M.M. , LP44, DIrector of Human Resource & Development, PT Wijaya Karya

What was the biggest lesson you learnt from doing the AW training?
The fact that I was always talking about my dreams & my goals but never actually making them happen. AW taught me not to talk about it so much as to DO it.
I found that I was always complaining and comparing in my life. In fact, I have a good life. Waking up to the fact that so many others had greater challenges and fewer opportunities than I did.

How has life been for you since you completed the training?
I'm more patient, focused and organized. I appreciate people a great deal more - whether I've just met them or they are dear friends. I appreciate myself.

Where do you see your life headed in the next five years?
Always forward now. Business, family, relationships - to take my life & surroundings to another level. Most importantly, to be grateful for what & who I have in my life

What is your vision for yourself and the world around you?
To be in a position to provide options to people around me. Having a world that is full of trust, without manipulation, & where people respect one another

Hans Issac, LP41, Actor, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur

Karen Tan is a dynamic task master and compassionate single mother all rolled into one person. She did the Basic Training in 2001 and continues to challenge herself (and others) in all areas of life.

What was your biggest learning after your Basic Training?
My biggest learning is that I have a choice. Now everything is possible

How has life been different for you?
Now I believe in myself, I aim high, achieve the goal then I aim higher. One of my biggest achievements is sending my two daughters to university in the US. I never thought that I could afford it as a single mum. Now, both of them are there and doing very well.

Where do you see your life headed in the next 5 years?
In the next 5 years I see myself very happy and working/developing people. I also intend to find the man of my dreams. I see myself always focused on what people are good at and growing their talent

What is your vision for yourself and the world?
My vision is to see women and teenagers know that they have a choice. Life is so exciting and by living by the law of abundance and attraction we can all aim big and achieve big.
This quote was passed to me - and I have lived by it ever since. "Aim for the moon - if you fail - you fall amongst stars"

Karen Tan , LP12, Head of Treasury, ABN AMRO Private Banking

Dear AsiaWorks Foundation - Kuala Lumpur ,
On behalf of my colleague, Amy Fong, and myself - Mary Ann Hee, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the entire Staff and Team for making this training possible for us. Not only did it create an awareness of who I really am and the choices that I make in life, but it also made me realize that I can do anything that I aim to do for as long as I am able to handle all those limiting beliefs that comes in the way.

Today is Monday and I am back to work, and guess what? I have already put whatever I learned into good use by consciously taking on that responsible act of doing the things that needed to be done, keeping my agreement of being on time for work and choosing today as being a great day!

The situation remains the same - piles of work in the office, lots of unfinished paperwork, different problems thrown to me even before I could take a seat on my desk - but hey, I am able to take things in stride and focus on the most important and eventually to the lesser ones. It's a concsious effort of choosing what and how you handle things at any given time - and I believe I will be able to achieve my goals.

Thank you Hani, and the team. Thank you to Nita who was the leader of my small group. You have indeed been a source of encouragement to me and to my group.

I am now preparing to enlist my sons to join the Basic training in the coming months and I know that they, too will benefit from the training.

God bless you all!

Mary Ann Hee, Administrator for Rumah Insaniah Dr. Siti Hasmah

"Never did I expect to walk into a course and learn so much about myself and others and to discover again and again, how much more I am actually capable of doing in my life and through my life.

I feel like I have discovered the KEY to unlocking all that I am and all that I can be...and I am still growing and seeing new things and discovering new facets of life.

I say to anyone who is considering the AsiaWorks training – do it. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain. You don't need to know everything about the course and evaluate it before taking the decision. Part of the learning is to take that leap."

Ang Hwee Suan, Head of Public Relations Section for a major statutory board,

"These programmes are life changing. Awareness levels in all aspects of my personal and professional life are discernibly higher. I have greater clarity, increased effectiveness and life balance.

My relationships at work and home are more open and direct. Communication has increased and issues that in the past would have lingered are addressed before they become too large. Stress levels have reduced and I feel better equipped to handle complex situations in a focused calm way.

Personally, the AsiaWorks training has freed me to reconnect with the areas in my life that have laid dormant for too long. I am happier and more joyful. This work is important."

Neil Jacobs, Senior Vice President, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

"AsiaWorks has helped me to be more efficient in all aspects of my life in creating the results I wanted. The experiential method was very effective for me...I was able to feel and experience the learning myself, rather than reading about it or hearing it from another person's perspective.

During the courses, I discovered a lot about myself, which I was not aware or not willing to accept in the past. Specifically, at work, I find myself to have shifted a lot in terms of my interactions with people and understanding of situations. My clarity in terms of what I want, commitment towards it and openness to share the concerns, along with my belief in possibilities, has opened doors for me at work to handle a larger role with a wider scope.

I am sure the AsiaWorks training programmes can help almost anyone to move powerfully forward and create positive results in their lives."

Jay Warrier, Consultant,

Among the AsiaWorks trainings I attended, the Basic Training "opened the door", the Advanced had me learn about who I really was once "I walked into the training room". The Leadership Programme enabled me to practice what I've learned in everyday life experiences during the programme. I also used the LP as a feedback mechanism to hone my techniques. My family and my colleagues were my sensors too, giving me feedback about a new side of me they never knew existed. I persisted with the techniques after training because after 12 weeks of practice it became ingrained. Today, fours years on, it is part of me.

Today I am being who and what I want to. I am many things and I want to be many things. I know I cam be all that I want to be. This is the greatest achievement of my life and it was made possible by the AsiaWorks trainings I attended. I did the courses when I was 54, I wished I had done the trainings earlier but now there is great desire to not to waste another moment and focus on what's possible.

Such an experience can happen to anyone who attends these courses. The choice is theirs for the taking.

Timothy de Souza , General Manager ,Singapore Youth Flying Club

"I had certain goals I wanted to achieve and through AsiaWorks, I have experienced confidence, believing in myself and most importantly, trust, not in others, but in myself. I have taken what I have learned and practised it.

Yes, I still make mistakes along the way, but I pick myself up and move on. AsiaWorks didn't 'change' me, but it certainly gave me a whole new meaning to my motto in life – 'carpe diem' which means seize the day!

Becoming Miss Malaysia Universe was one of my goals, and I did it!

More importantly, my relationship with my parents developed to a greater level... they decided to see what AsiaWorks was about for themselves. I'm proud to say they graduated from the AsiaWorks Basic Training with flying colours!"

Elaine Daly, Actress, Miss Malaysia Universe 2003/2004

"While participating in the AsiaWorks trainings, I decided it was important to bring the AsiaWorks philosophies and practices to my place of work.

Now most of our senior management team has gone through AsiaWorks trainings. The biggest gain was the bonding that occurred between us – it is a bond of not only being friends on a professional level, but a bond of trust, care and respect for each other. Our team is able to move forward effectively with integrity and power, and we began to embrace change. We welcome risk and we challenge each other to go beyond our limitations.

With what we have learned from AsiaWorks trainings we have created an environment to help us move our team from a work group to a learning organisation. It is my hope and dream to see his transformation spread to other associate companies in our group."

Wan Sofia, Assistant General Manger, Time Engineering Bhd.

"The best experience and knowledge I acquired in the AsiaWorks trainings is knowing who I am. I really did not change, only I realised I am more than what people see."

May Phng

I did the trainings as I wanted more in my life and knowing that the training could possibly take me to the next level of my life. I learnt so much about myself, I pushed and stretched myself so that I could achieve more. Just by being aware and opened to new possibilities, many things took place for me. I graduated three years ago and till today, I still practiced what I have learnt through the AsiaWorks programmes. When I was 16 years, I used to think that the phrase "dreams do come true" was only a concept then. After the trainings, I've taken steps and am today in a film production and a host with MTV which was a dream that became a reality. I'm now working towards even more, of setting up my own business in a few years from now.

Sazzy Falak, BIUG TV & MTV Host, Film Actress

"From the AsiaWorks training, I learned not to let my fear of failure stop me from pursuing my goals in life. This courage has resulted in major successes in both my career and personal life.

Since the training, I have started Thinkscape, where I am a creative managing director. I'm also director for Square Circle, where I sell imported modern retro furniture. And I was recently appointed as associate director for Environment Design Consultancy, a renowned design practice in Malaysia and Asia region.

I just recently got registered to marry the woman I love, the one who I want to spend my life with. I am happy for the results that I created and I strongly believe in the philosophy of taking action on what I believe in."

John Jong, Interior Designer

“What is the AsiaWorks Basic Training?” It is hard for someone like me who had graduated eight years ago to explain. But the values I received and the way it influenced me is grand. As time goes by, I understand the Basic Training more and more, as well as, applying it in all aspects of my life, such as at work. It is important for someone who is pursuing excellence to enhance his or her power of execution, influence, and competitiveness.

I’ve read a lot of books in those subjects and I became knowledgeable in concepts and methods, however, it did nothing in enhancing my abilities. I thought there must be something that was not written in the books, so I set out to find another book to learn more concepts and methods. It wasn’t until I entered the Basic Training that I realized that in order for me to utilize the concepts and methods I learned from the book, I have to start from the “Basics.” What is the “Basics?” For example, can a person be effective if he or she does not have a clear goal? Can a person get to where he or she is going without clear and proper directions? I became clear for the first time in the Basic Training. I saw and understood what I really wanted and became aware what was in my way in achieving my goals. Of course, I also understood the prices I have to pay to achieve my goals. Suddenly, I realized why I was not able to effectively execute action plans and why I was not able to create the results I wanted. It surely wasn’t due to lack of good concepts and methods; it was because I did not have the “Basics” in place!

The Basic Training for me is not just the foundation of all the AsiaWorks training programs. It is also an opportunity that will help people enhance their power of execution, influence, and competitiveness. For those who yearn for excellence, the Basic Training is a must.

Michael Weng, Chairman, Everelite Technology Co. Ltd.

Through the AsiaWorks Basic Training, I got to see clearly the kind of person I really am, what was important to me, the true meaning of my life, and the most important of all, what I really wanted and how to achieve that goal.
Regardless of my achievements, I still felt a certain insecurity and uncertainty. My life after the Basic Training has become "easier". My relationship with my child is better. I am grateful for the things my work and my life has brought me. I have better skills and have made many true friends. Most important of all, I am clear in the direction of my life and I am always willing to contribute to others. Life is a reflection of inner self. I am forever thankful to this course because it gave me an opportunity to face life with a new attitude so I can live my life to the fullest without any regrets.

Speaking as a human resources professional, I would have to say that AsiaWorks Basic Training is a powerful and valuable course. It is definitely a journey full of surprises.

Lucie Yang, Director, Human Resources Division, Alcatel Taiwan

I am a lawyer. For the past 14 years, the need for me to be "right" is a very important professional trait. When things didn't go my way, including relationships, the first thing I would think of is how I've been wronged by others.

This course took me on a journey of self-discovery. Now, choosing what I can do for others is far more important than what others do to me or how they see me.

This is one of the best courses I've ever attended! It broadened my horizon and enhanced my career, relationships, and compassion.

What are you waiting for!


From a professional point of view, the Basic Training is a great achievement in applied psychology. By utilizing carefully designed and relevant experiential activities, the participants are given rare and precious moments to stop and reflect on the kind of life they had been living in as little as 40 hours. There are no long lectures and boring note-taking throughout the entire fun-filled course.

From the empirical point of view, besides personally having benefited greatly from the course, I also witnessed tremendous change in my fellow participants. The number of AsiaWorks graduates continues to grow, further proves the validity and effectiveness of this unique experiential learning.

Being in a profession that serves and helps people, I can really appreciate AsiaWorks' commitment and dedication to people. If you want to create something different in your life, this is definitely a course I strongly recommend.

Clinical Psychologist Sean Yi-Shyang Huang, Psy.D.


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