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The AsiaWorks Firo B Workshop

Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation

The Firo-B theory concerns interpersonal relations and was introduced by William Schutz in 1958.

According to the theory, three dimensions of interpersonal relations are necessary and sufficient to explain most human interaction. The dimensions are called Inclusion, Control and Affection. These categories measure how much interaction a person wants in the areas of socializing, leadership and responsibilities, and more intimate personal relations.

Participants have the opportunity to identify their own interpersonal relationship patterns and then to work through the specific characteristics associated with those patterns.

This workshop is an excellent supplement to the work carried out in the AsiaWorks core curriculum and can be used to enhance not only relationships but also the results that are produced through powerful relationships.

AsiaWorks use Firo-B primarily to supplement work that is already being carried out in the areas such as Leadership Development, Coaching, Personal Development and Team Dynamics.

It is recommended, but is not a requirement that participants of the Firo-B workshop also take the MBTI workshop in order to generate a fuller picture.


AsiaWorks have two trainers who are officially accredited to administer the Firo-B methodology: Ms Miranda Yen and Mr Mark Hemstedt


FIRO-B was created to be a measurement instrument with scales that assess the behavioral aspects of the three dimensions. Scores are graded from 0-9 in scales of expressed and wanted behavior, which define how much a person expresses to others, and how much he wants from others.

The AsiaWorks FIRO-B workshop is open to graduates of the Basic Training.

If you are interested in finding out the schedule for this workshop in your city, then please contact us.


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