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A Little Care that created an abundance of Hope
May 27, 2006

Jakarta – The LP68 WOW Day was held at the Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Anak juvenile correction facility in Tangerang on May 27, 2006. It had three main sections: Talent Show, Games, and a Sharing Session.

The program, on the theme "A Little care that leads to a million hopes", , was aimed at creating love and care, and to show the inmates there are people who are concerned about them and who see them as worthwhile human beings. In line with the ILP68 vision of "Jump higher", the program also aimed to develop self confidence and self esteem in inmates and lead them to declaring and achieving goals for a better future.

Among those who attended were 16 members of LP68 and many more graduates of previous AsiaWorks Leadership Programs There was some nervousness in LP68 before the program started – no one was sure what was going to happen. The thought that they were about to deal with 'bad guys' was worrying. But as the program started, these worries began to melt. Bands from both the inmates and LP68 played. Even the warden sang a few songs. Everybody mingled and were absorbed by the music until it was time for lunch.

During lunch the sense of togetherness was clearly evident. as we all sat together in the yard and mingled freely. After lunch, the program continued with games – a balloon dance and sack race, where participants were teamed up based on their units in the facility. It was hilarious. There were no actual winners – everybody who joined the games got a present.

Everybody had such a great time that time flew until the program came to the final sharing session. In this session, the inmates were given a chance to share their opinions on how they felt about the program. They all agreed that it was a really enjoyable day. Not only had they had a great time, but, most importantly, they were really touched to see that there were people who cared about them. They had come to realize that they still have future and there was nobody but themselves responsible for it.

By this time, all negative feelings were gone: the worries, weariness, and pressure felt during the preparation of the program had disappeared. They were all gone when LP68 looked at the inmates' faces – full of happiness and hope. The participants of LP68 were really in high spirits knowing that all the hard work had resulted in something priceless – they could make other people feel important and know they were loved. They also learnt something important – that they can always make a difference, no matter how small, as long as they believe in themselves and are committed. And it reinforced their belief – "don't ever stop, always jump and jump higher!"



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