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I am The Future Of My Country
March 2, 2006

Jakarta – The future of this country lies in the hands of the children, It will be they who uphold and continue the spirit to bring Indonesia forward. An Indonesia that is prosperous, safe, and continues to move forward is what we all dream of. To ensure that that happens, education must play a big part.

LP 67 are determined to contribute to the community, to create a better place for education that is more acceptable, safe, and comfortable for those in need. As a team, we chose the Plumpang area in North Jakarta to make a difference. Plumpang Is a residential area for needy people. Most of its residents are in the low–lower income bracket, most as street vendors, manual labor and beggars. In one area, above what people call "empang" or swampy fish pond, is a school for those in need which also becomes a shelter for homeless street kids at night.

LP 67 organized public donations to finance the building of an open–air classroom that can also used for other activities by the students. It was officially opened on March 11, 2006. The day's program was to have fun with the children and to make them aware of the vital role they play in Indonesia 's future.

For LP 67 it was a day of accomplishment. We saw what was built on team work, hard work, passion and love for others materialized in the building itself and in the eyes of the children. . It reinforced our view that when we want to create a difference, all we need to do is reach out and go 100% to achieve what is needed in the time frame that was set.

For the children and the school's officials It was a day of joy. It showed clearly that there are still people who care and want to reach out to them. The children had a day of fun. They sang, showed their talents in dancing, and enjoyed a day of feeling love from people who hardly know them but know they are important and want to be there for them. . For the school officials it was a day of gratitude and relief.,They finally saw that their dream to have an extra room for the students was finally up and standing strong after earlier attempts had to be abandoned.

The day was filled with laughter and tears of joy. The demonstrations of care, support and love will forever be remembered by those who were there.



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