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The Handprints of Love
May 7, 2006

SINGAPORE - After much hard work, meetings and endless doubts, the day finally came. On 7 th May 2006, LP 55 held their WOW day at Pahlawan Beach , Sentosa. Blessed with a beautiful, sunny day, the beneficiaries from Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, Darul Ma'wa Orphanage, Tai Pei's Old Home and Mother Theresa's Gift of Love, were welcomed by a group of passionate and excited people.

Both volunteers and LP 55 were up early at Pahlawan Beach and getting the place ready, and all were extremely delighted, yet nervous upon the arrival of the beneficiaries. Despite the initial commotion of moving people around to their designated tables, the WOW day finally started. The event was hosted by two wacky LP55ians, Kenny Tham and Weixian.

The day began with a quick introduction around the tables and writing names on the cards provided. Whilst having lunch, the beneficiaries and volunteers were being entertained by various LP55ians such as June, Jane and Weixian. Even a beneficiary from the Tai Pei's Old Home started singing and entertaining us.

However, it was only after lunch, when the real fun and chaos started. We had a face painting and dress up competition amongst the various tables. It was a hilarious sight, with kids dressed up as an Egyptian mummy and painted as cats, ghosts and vampires. There were also monsters and princesses amidst the competitive crowd. It was truly amazing how face paint, toilet paper, garbage bag and newspaper can transform a person.

With the help of Shasha and Lorna, everyone did the Macarena dance, even the old folks. It was quite a sight, seeing kids, teens, adults and old people dancing away and just having a good laugh.

Right before bringing everyone over to the Dolphin Lagoon, we had another hands on project to do. This time, all the beneficiaries and volunteers, as well as LP 55, made a cut–out of their hand from the colorful paper provided, and designed the 'handprint'. The handprints of everyone were later collected for a surprise.

Everyone made the short walk from Pahlawan Beach to the Dolphin Lagoon, to enjoy the show put up by the pink dolphins. Everyone seemed to enjoy the tricks that the dolphins did, especially the kids, who were in constant awe of the beautiful, intelligent creatures.

Upon returning to the tent, everyone was greeted by a pleasant surprise. LP 55 had pasted all of the 'handprints' done earlier on a big poster, "The Handprints of Love". Everyone was in awe of it. We ended the day with a fabulous group performance by us, singing "We are the World"; and not forgetting taking some group pictures of everyone there.

We would agree that despite not having a smooth sailing day, it was just perfect and brilliant. LP 55 wanted to shake and move hearts on that day. Not only did we succeed in doing that, our hearts itself were moved and shaken by the beneficiaries and volunteers. It was definitely a day to remember for us, LP 55.


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