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Service begins in pouring rain
June 10, 2006

KAOSHUING - KHLP23's group service began in pouring rain. On the morning of June 10 th , we were greeted with a severe rainstorm. I was hoping that the day's activity be postponed; after all, the high school entrance exams were called off. Although we made a commitment, there was no reason to put everyone at risk by something not that urgently important.

As I was thinking about it, I got a short message from LP23. It said, "Dear buddies, be careful driving in the rain. Please look out after your own safety. Traffic to the Ren Ai Children's home is 'Normal" See you all later." This short message pulled all members of LP23 scattered about together. I no longer hesitated because of our team's vision and I packed up and set off.

When we arrived Tainan Ren Ai Children's Home, some kids were curious about us, some were happy, and some were indifferent. We made our ways upstairs and found the kids we were assigned to. We attempted to establish rapports with the kids by talking to them about the subjects they might be interested in; however, they just ignored us. I have never been treated that way and I felt a little hurt. Regardless, we continued on with the assistance of the older children. We talked, joked, and sang; soon, the distance between us shortened.


During dumpling making, some of the kids would carefully pick up dumpling wraps and slowly and meticulously fold the dumpling together. After doing so, they would show us their work for our praises. Some even came into the kitchen to help. Even something as minute as beating eggs, we see their seriousness. They may not know how to express themselves that well, but we all saw the matureness in these children who were supposed to be kids.

We helped the children tidying up their rooms. We were surprised to find that they can do so without being taught. They do it even better we do. With no parents around, they have to take care of themselves. The youngest one at the home is only 15 months old. We were awed by the independence of these children.

LP23's group service ended perfectly. We showed our love and care with action. While doing so, we learned persistence and perseverance. Life is full of challenges, and by taking that first step will take us one step closer to success, isn't it?



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