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KHLP22's Jingjong Orphanage Service Event
April 23, 2006

KAOSHUING – On April 23 rd , 2006, members of LP22 arrived at the Jingjong Orphanage in Kaohsiun County for the service event.

Prior to the start of the event, Swan wanted all of us to give 100%. On this day our common goal and vision would be passing out our love, passion, and care through this service. Planting the seed of love in everyone's heart.

There are 22 children living in the orphanage. The oldest is a senior in high school and the youngest is in first grade. Out host, Watt, was able to help the kids conquer their shyness and get them to open up and participate in the activities fully.

Our activities include: Guessing, charade, fill–in –the blanks, circle drawing, paper scissors rocks, and hoops. These are fun activities created for all the kid and teachers to enjoy.

After all those fun activities, we had a warmth–filled birthday party. The children were really surprised when they received their presents. The received picture frames, photo albums, diary books, basketballs, baseballs, and swimming masks. These were the things they've always wanted.


At noon, we accompanied the kids to McDonalds for lunch. We then handed out the cards we made to the kids. Seeing their sweet faces, we hugged them.

Through this group service, LP22 experienced the power we can achieve when we united. We experienced the importance of contribution and keeping a commitment. We acted on what we were committed to do and proved that LP 22 is indeed a loving, passionate, and courageous team.



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