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Love is unseen words; love is unspeakable gratitude; love is our little wish.
June 4, 2006

KAOSHUING – On the outskirts of Tainan City's south side lies the Dungmen Nursing Home. The first time I saw this place; rice paddies and sugarcane fields surrounded it. Garbage piled by the front entrance indicated that the Nursing Home was poorly funded and kept. I realized that this was the place.

KHLP17 chose Dungmen Nursing Home for its second group service. During a gathering, Hui–Wen and Jan thought that we should be doing something meaningful instead of always hanging out. Within one month, KHLP17 started a service creation team. Flyers were printed soliciting donations from people around us and encouraging them to join us in this activity.

After speaking to the director and staff of the Dungmen Nursing Home, we found out that they did not have any support. Most of the residents in the community did not know anything about the Home and were ignorant of it. Wanting to make a real difference, we visited the residents and shops in the community with our flyers, telling everyone about Dungmen Nursing Home and the special people living in their community.

It did not start out well. We were greeted with indifference, suspicion, and discouragement. The staff of the Nursing Home did not expect too much, they were not especially hopeful. They just thought we were a group of passionate and brave people. Surprisingly, some members of the community donated food and other needed materials as well as money the very next day. The tide has now turned to our favor. The Nursing Home decided that they would start being part of the community. They announced that they would share their medical resources with the community by starting a 24–hour community blood pressure service station. This will be the first corroboration between a nursing home and the community in Taiwan.

A documentary film was made to introduce the Dungmen Nursing Home. This film did not cost us anything because of those who care enough to contribute to the cause.

On the day of the activity, we raised thousands of dollars, nearly one thousand kg. of rice, and countless adult diapers and powdered milk. The mayor of Tainan City and news media came to the event to document this historic moment.

Seeing the smiles of the nursing home residents and the tears of the staff, we cirled around and sang, "Love is unseen words; love is unspeakable gratitude; love is our little wish." We made a great difference. We brought the community into Dungmen. We helped Dungmen become a part of the community. When we stopped focusing on ourselves, we can achieve great power. If we can ignore all the discouragement and believe in ourselves, we can make things happen. I am proud of being a member of the Leadership Program. I am proud to be a member of LP17.



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