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"We really had a good time. Thank you all very much!"
April 30, 2006

HONG KONG – On April 30 th , 2006, HKLP137 hosted a community service event. Our service subjects were a group of otherwise mostly ignored mild to moderate mentally handicapped ladies.

The location of the group service was at where those ladies live, the Kwun Tong Hostel for Mild to Moderate Grade Mentally Handicapped. We wanted to create a memorable day for them by giving them our love and care. We planned for this day and were meticulous in every detail. On the day of the event, all of us gave 100% and everyone was satisfied.

The ladies received many gifts and they were all grinning from the joy. One lady said to us, "We really had a good time. Thank you all very much!" Finally, all of us made a huge finger painting together to mark the end of this memorable event.





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