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Love and Contribution
May 28, 2006

TAIPEI – On the morning of May 28, 2006, members of TPLP118 departed for the St. Camillus Center For Mentally Handicapped located in Ilan with blessing from many people and funds and materials raised.

The residents of the St. Camillus Center are a group of angels living on earth. Approximately 20 years ago, Italian priest, Fr. Joseph, found these angels in Ilan and put them up in an abandoned monastery. For the last 19 years, the center get by on donations.

None of us have ever met these angels. We were nervous but excited about meeting them. We were all wondering what they would be like and what we would say to them. Regardless, all of us at LP118 knew that we were committed to created happiness, love, and care for the angels of St. Camillus Center; even though we have yet to find the way of doing so. All we've got was our conviction in creating a wonderful weekend for everyone.

After we arrived at the St. Camillus Center and off loaded the material, we went into the rec room to greet these angels. Some of them can't speak, some are in wheelchairs, and some need others to carry them. After everyone gathered together, the director of the Center indoctrinated us on the hardship Fr. Joseph had to endure when he established the Center. If an Italian priest is willing to come to Taiwan to make this contribution, why not us? LP118 is a group of action. We immediately split ourselves into 4 groups and started the day's event.

The event started out with a song to get everyone in the room going. All the kids moved and danced to the music. They were not any different than other kids. They were all excited and had a great time participating in the games and activities we had prepared for them. At noon, lunch was served and all of us with LP118 took on the task of helping these angels eat. After lunch break, the activities continued. What impressed us most was seeing these angels paint what was most beautiful for them. We were all very moved by them.

The activities ended with a group photo. Afterwards, we shared with each other on what we had experienced and learned. Love and joy were the epitomes of what we had created that day. We invite you and friends to join us in the near future to continue passing out love and joy for the angels of St. Camillus Center. LP118, Taiwan is a better place because of you!



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