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We all knew that we would come back soon
May 13, 2006

TAIPEI – "Are you religious? What religious group do you belong to?" These are the questions asked whenever I invite my friends and family to participate in the LP117 group service on May 13 th . I always tell them that we are a group of people trying to make a small difference.

On the evening of May 12 th , a group of people from all over the place gathered at Jallen's office. Some were in mini–skirts, some were in suits, someone came in from Tainan, and one guy even flew in from Shanghai. This group of people has one common goal, "Get everything ready for the LP117 group service." Two things needed to be done by the end of the evening, first thing was making carnations, the second was preparing for the sing–along activity. Car salesman, Jenren, took time out of his busy schedule learning how to make carnations. Seeing him cutting out the blanks carefully and showing other LPs how to make carnations touched me. I saw his caring persistence and love.

We ran into a snag preparing for the sing–along. We could not agree on which song to prepare for. Finally we decide on a song no one has ever heard of before, The Sweep Song . We picked this song because it is easy and fast paced. Most importantly, it would make the kids of Yi–Kung Orphanage happy. It is really a sight to see a group of thirtysomethings dancing around imitating the dancers on TV.

On the morning of May 13 th , LP117 set off to the Yi–Kung Orphanage. I was especially excited. When we arrived, we lined the walkway and welcomed the children as the appeared. Without any hesitation, I ran up and hugged the child nearest to me. "I came her for them." I told myself.

Some of the kids couldn't say their names right and some couldn't pay attention, but when they look into your eyes, you can see the truest purest form of innocence. I was worried at first that the children would reject me, but the fact proved me wrong. I show a child with wrinkly face how to turn a piece of paper into a beautiful carnation. She then gave that paper carnation to her teacher. The teacher was so happy and gave her a big hug. I was awed and moved. Although, she can not express herself that well verbally, she sure can express her true feelings well enough.

During the sing–along, all the kids danced and sang joyfully. I noticed a little girl in a wheelchair out of the corner of my eyes, she waved her arms with everyone else; but I saw tears in her eyes, I really did.

The last activity of the day is karaoke. Every child had a chance to go on stage and sing what he or she wanted to sing. They were all so willing to share with us that one special song. We cheered them on and sang along with them. We saw the trust and passion in their eyes. Those three hours we spent there were all too short. But we all knew that we would come back soon.



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