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Charity starts at home
March 5, 2006

TAIPEI – Knowing that charity starts at home, TPLP115 visited many charitable organizations all over Taipei. After deciding to have our group service event at the Private Chen–Kuang Crippled Children's Home, we set everything in motion. There were proposals to prepare, people to call, and funds to be raised. It was almost a nightmare for everyone involved. But we all had a common goal, which was to create a great service event on March 5 th . Cases of diapers and powdered milk as well as other needed materials came in and were ready for the arrival of March 5 th .

For many of us, it was the first time that we set foot into a children's home. We were all nervous and worried that we were going to be welcomed. Everyone seemed anxious during rehearsal but we managed to get everything done. This group of 7 to 9 year olds came into the auditorium with smiles on their faces. It was like a shot surging through our veins and we were able to let go of our worries and focus on giving them a joy–filled weekend.

Shen walked onto the stage nervously to welcome the children with Tony. All of a sudden we were all transformed into talented performers. Those who couldn't sing sang and those who were soft–spoken got loud. The stage settings became the tunnels for the train game. Everyone had talent. The stereo broke and we came up with a guitar for music. Kids were popping balloons crazily. It was incredible.

"Are we doing this again in the afternoon?" "Yes, we are!" You bet we are and it's definitely going to be better in the afternoon.

It is real hard to describe but as soon as we see their smiles, we would give in. We were all tense and ready for anything. If someone got left alone, he or she is attended to immediately. Even those kids sitting quietly by themselves in wheelchairs got into the games. Seeing those happy faces was the only thing we wanted.

Children are sensitive. They understood what separation meant but they don't become detached like adults. Toward the end of the day after we blew out the candles on the birthday cake, a little girl asked, "When will you come back?" "We'll come back next time," came the reply. "When?" Tears swelled up in my eyes when I saw her questioning but expectant expression. It hurt so much.

"I will come back. WE WILL COME BACK," I said to myself. Action speaks more than words.

This wasn't a challenging task or some outstanding achievement. It was just a community service event. We put on some creative shows for some kids but the effects were so great. Everybody laughed and cried and truly showed their true feelings. These children enriched our lives and experiences. We believe that they had felt our affection.

Instead of thinking about how to make a difference and how show the world my love, acting on it is the best way to go. This was the first group service for LP115; it was also the first for many people. But it was the beginning for countless future services.



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