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Shenzhen LP0 build a primary school for kids in Yunnan
February 19, 2006

Shenzhen – On February 19 th , 2006, all of us from Shenzhen LP0 sponsored a large community service event at the Lien Hua Bei Community Cultural Plaza in Shenzhen. The purpose of the event is so that LP0 can become a source of love and care and to remind everyone that there are children living in poverty who need help. This way, more people will know about these children and perhaps more love and care can be passed on to them. LP 0' s ideal, "To Create a Loving, Harmonious, and Contributing World," then can be carried on forever.

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A light drizzle dampened the day of the event. Many were worried what if the participants do not show up because of the weather, people may not want to register for the event in the rain, our plans may be shot, or we can't link up the computer network.. There were so many unknowns and we were presented with a barrage of challenges. However, all the members of LP0 were able to focus on our goal. The goal of the team became personal goals for every member of LP0. All factors aside, we focused on the goal and kept finding solutions. Based on the result, LP0 proved to be an excellent team. Originally, event participants were to be three hundred 7–15 year old school children, but more than one thousand had shown up. Our goal was to collect 1000 signatures; we ended up with about 1500. People were not attracted to the event because we put on a great show; they came because they knew they were making a difference. In the process of giving, we fully experienced the joy and satisfaction in helping others.

When the link between Shenzen and Yunnan is established, everyone saw the underprivileged children from the Yunnan mountain regions, donations poured in from everyone at the event. When some school children at the event started to donate their allowances, everyone at the scene was touched. Seeing this, we realized that all of our hard work had paid off. And once again, it reaffirmed our conviction in helping other and making a difference because only then, we can fully experience the joys of life.

Yeoya Villiage is located on the east bank of Nujiang River , approximately 52 kilometers from Wakung Highway . Most of the residents reside on the hill of Biloushueh Mountain. Total population is 1336. Average annul income per capita is 636 RMB and average annual food supply per capita is 347 kg . It is a primitive region launched into a socialist society. The area is barely developed and people poorly educated. The government found it hard to implement compulsory education in the region. Most of the schools are poorly kept and children are too poor to pay tuition. After our research, we found out that it would only take 152,600 RMB to build a primary school. This school would effectively solve the problem of educating more than 100 children. In doing so, we can make a great difference and change the lives for many. Members of LP0 gladly took on this great responsibility. We successfully raised 159,000 RMB during the course of our three–month program. The building of the school is to be completed on September 1 st , 2006. Through this community event, we realized that there is no joy greater than contribution. Also it created a great cohesion, which bonded all members of LP0 tightly together and allowed us to see our responsibility and mission to society more clearly.

Click here to view the film on the news report




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