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You are Not Alone…
5 March 2007
When reality

Has turned blurred,

And hope…

No longer gives power

Should we all remain silent,

And accept whatever there is..?

The LP 72 Indonesia - has a lot of vision and one of our visions is to make a change in the Indonesian community.

We are 33 powerful people .

In order to achieve one of our visions, we held WOW DAY on 27th January 2007 at Kampung Alar, Kohod, Tangerang. This place is known as fisherman’s village. Most of them are poor because their income is far less than average.

Have You Ever Felt a Miracle?

To realize the dream we had for those people in Kohod, we aimed to collect Rp. 75 million,-. Amazingly, because of the spirit of 33 powerful people, we collected Rp. 90 million in two weeks!

Because we care..

Make a difference
Giving With Heart…

We renovated 27 houses in poor condition and built a lending Library for the people of the village.

We constructed two boring-wells with a depth of 120 meters to help the people of the village to get clean water.

We also built two public washing facilities because before they were washing in dirty river water.

We gave them daily needs such as milk, dry food (biscuits), instant food, etc. We
also gave them information about health and as well as a cooking demonstration.

At the end of the WOW DAY, we finished by singing a few songs and dancing with the people from the community.

We have seen happiness in their eyes and we are very proud about that,. We made a difference for them !

…imagine all the people living for today…

That day was the most unforgettable day for us..

We can only give a little, we hope it will be useful

And we… will never stop giving ! - LP72 -





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