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LP 103 Wow Day (Family Day) on 10th February 2007 at  Botany Park, Putra Jaya

It was  sunny  on 10th February 2007 when team mates of LP 103 and  volunteers gathered at the Vineyard in the Botany Park at 8.30 am. Everyone was excited about the Wow Day and waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the guests’ buses.

Sue and John,  who accompanied the guests from Rumah Amal Jireh in Kajang to the park, had been at the home since 8 am.  However, to the dismay of all,  the buses arrived late as the  drivers had lost their way. Nevertheless, both buses arrived safely within 15 minutes of each other at about 9.30 am.

The guests on arrival were clearly  as excited as the team mates of LP 103.

All  were very smart and cute in  their home’s T-shirts.  All in, there were 78 kids and seven  old folks accompanied by five  staff from the home.

On arrival, the  guests  were treated to a light breakfast at which they were entertained by three  clowns – one  professional and two amateurs from LP 103 who can now qualify as pros! Then  the old folks went on a tram ride around the garden while the kids were ushered to the site to play games where  an air castle was in operation.  The kids played simple games organised by LP 103, including  A.E.I.O.U., catching, etc, where everyone participated in batches, and the younger ones bumped and “bungee-jumped” around in the air castle. The children were extremely well behaved and well mannered, all looking after one another. In the party were two very  special kids and it was heart warming to see how the other children  showered them  with  love and attention.

The kids were allowed to just be themselves,  and the team mates of LP 103  joined in with gusto.  They   played  simple games, tried their hands at face painting, jumped  around in the air castle, and clearly enjoyed  just doing the things  expected of kids.

There was a  session before lunch in which  the older kids showed  their hidden talents  break dancing  to the hip hop music played by the DJ. Even one of the old folks just couldn’t resist the music and  went on dancing till the music faded away for lunch about 12.30pm.

After lunch, the kids continued with the activities,  singing to songs played by the DJ. Towards 2 pm the guests and the team mates of LP 103 were each given a wishing balloon. They wrote down their wishes and dreams on a piece of paper tied to the balloons, which were then released into the air.  We all hope  their wishes will come true one day.

LP 103 is proud to have organised this event, which was simple yet meaningful for everyone. Some of the kids became so attached to  Emeri they said they wanted him to be  their father figure and made   him promise  to  visit the home soon. It was very emotional when it ended at 2.30 pm. Clearly,  the guests felt it was like being in a family, connected with and attached to LP 103.  The team mates of LP 103 had  spent quality time with the guests,  coaching and guiding them as much as they could, all in just five hours. It was an unforgettable  WOW day  for LP 103.






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