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Team LP102 had truly lived up to their Team Vision during the WOW day on Saturday, 13 January 2007 between 7am to 5.30pm. “To be a team, united by common goals, that is filled with passion, in creating inspiring effective leaders and delivering unconditional contributions to others.  With solid pillar of love, we create action packed environment where extraordinary and excellence become ordinary”

It was a spectacular and exciting trip  for everyone, rewarded by the  the smiles and laughter  from the kids and the old folks of Grace Home Community.  The morning trip to Aquaria in KLCC clearly brought  joy and refreshing moments to both groups.   The kids enjoyed a romp  in the KLCC Park, while the old folks took in  the beauty of the Petronas Twin Towers. Both groups were captivated by the  awe-inspiring journey into the mysterious underwater sea world.   It was  special  for the old folks as it was  the first time they had  all been  together for an outing.

The highlight of the day was  the shared barbecue  and luncheon A sense of closeness grew among those present  as LP102, the old folks and kids had meals together. Everyone was delighted with the scrumptious treat , clearly shown by  never-ending smiles and laughter. 

The young and young at heart joined in lots of activities, a joyful experience for everyone. The activities included a drawing contest for the kids, with prizes  for the top three, and  a sing along karaoke between the old folks. A few of the old folks jumped up and started dancing! It was heart warming  to see someone of  advanced age brush away their walking stick to rattle around dancing.

The generation gap certainly did not hinder anyone’s  fun.  It was a great joy and emotionally moving for  LP102 and the volunteers  to see the young and young at heart have a great time.

In the true spirit of love and care, LP102 had also helped  in clearing and cleaning up the Rumah Kidz towards the end of day. The kids had a blast in teasing the LP102 while helping them with the cleaning up. And it was clear that  the old folks were enthralled by the whole  experience.

As we look back on the day, the smiles on the faces of the kids and old folks were  testament to the  love and care that overwhelmed us all.

Kudos goes to LP102 for creating such a memorable and heartwarming event.

With Love by Marilyn & Sashi (LP102)





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