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Press Releases for 2005
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» Love, Contribution, Achievement
Knowing that charity starts at home, TPLP115 visited many charitable organizations all over Taipei. After deciding to have our group service event at the Private Chen-Kuang Crippled Children's Home, we set everything in motion.
December 11, 2005

» We inspired the children to pursue their dreams with courage
LP111 is a passionate and sincere team. We vowed to create a trusting, loving, and joyful world through contribution to the society.
November 13, 2005

» Pass Forward the Love
There is a treasure in the mountains called Lioukwei Elementary and a force called LP17 is in search of the treasure.
October 9, 2005

» The children displayed their joy by showing that they will never give up
LP110 arrived at "Private Chen-Kuang Crippled Children's Home " on Sept. 11th with donations and care packages from the community for their group service.
September 11, 2005

» Love Connects You & Me!
TPLP109 held a service on Aug 20 at the Ai Wei nursing center in Ba Li. We were able to solicit more than $180,000 NTD in cash donation…
August 20, 2005

» Love in Home of Philanthropy
August 16 is the day for KHLP16 group service. Service location is Yan Ciao Home of Philanthropy.
August 16, 2005

» Take Off From Heart
August 14 is a meaningful day for HKLP 128. For those mentally challenged, it was the first time they had ever spend a day filed with love and happiness with 130 people.
August 14, 2005

» Heart to Heart & Hand by Hand
July 24, a boiling hot Sunday afternoon, LP127 hosted a community event at Long Hung Village in Sha Tien. The event is for all the children in the village.
July 24, 2005

» AsiaWorks Leadership Programme volunteers create an “Amazing Race” for underprivileged children
Participants from Singapore-based AsiaWorks Training's Leadership Programme (LP 48)together with some 30 volunteers created joy, fun and love for 70 underprivileged children from the Moral Student Care Centre, Moral Family Service Centre and the Children's Aid Society.
July 10, 2005

» Love Only Starts & Never Ends!
KHLP15 arrived Ching Shan Orphanage located in the mountains in the pouring rain. We invited the children to participate in the games. .
July 10, 2005

» Day of fun for single mums and kids
Participants of the AsiaWorks Leadership Programme 47 (LP47) in Singapore created a special Mother's Day experience for 27 single mothers and 44 children of HELP (Help Every Lone Parent) Family Service Centre.
May 8, 2005

» A “Family” Day for underprivileged children and the elderly
The AsiaWorks Training Leadership Programme 46 (LP46) came together today and organised an event for 112 underprivileged children and senior citizens from seven beneficiary homes at the Forest Lodge in the Singapore Zoological Gardens...
April 10, 2005

» AsiaWorks Leadership Programme participants serve the Orang Asli Community
Participants of the AsiaWorks Leadership Programme 88 (LP88) spent the weekend in service to the Orang Asli (aborigines of Malaysia ) in the settlement of Sg. Yol...
March 5, 2005

» Endless Sun and the slow boat to recovery in tsunami affected Aceh
Endless Sun, a wooden 40 metre 700 tonne custom made shallow draft boat equipped with two Boston Whaler skiffs will depart from Jakarta to take it’s maiden humanitarian voyage on Wednesday, March 9th, 2005.
March 5, 2005

» Finding joy in helping Tsunami victims
When the devastating Tsunami shocked the world, it was clear to a group of volunteers from the Kuala Lumpur-based AsiaWorks Training Leadership Programme (LP82), that there was only one thing to do.
January 22, 2005

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