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The Roots of AsiaWorks
All of the AsiaWorks trainings are firmly rooted in the research and discoveries of Abraham Maslow, the famous American educator, writer, and psychologist. Maslow was among the first to define and clarify those characteristics that distinguish men and women who achieve extraordinary results from "ordinary" people.

One of Maslow's most important conclusions was that what makes most outstanding achievers different is not ability - but attitude. Many "normal" people have as much or even more ability than men and women who are peak performers. The difference is that people who create extraordinary results tend to approach life with high levels of self-confidence, self-trust, self-esteem, and self-worth - with what could be called a "winning" attitude. "Ordinary" men and women, by contrast, tend to approach life with self-doubt, fear of failure, and feelings of not being worthy - attitudes that could be called "self-limiting." These attitudes, Maslow found, whether positive or negative, are self-fulfilling prophecies that tend to be borne out in the achievements (or lack of achievements) of men and women everywhere.

In other words, Maslow found that most people have tremendous potential that is unfulfilled, unexpressed - not only for creating tangible results like money or career success, but for experiencing aliveness, joy, fulfilment, and satisfaction in day-to-day living. Furthermore, Maslow's research made it clear that the key to tapping into this unused potential is attitude change. By changing our attitudes, our ways of thinking - especially those attitudes that are self-limiting - we can unleash more of our potential for creating extraordinary achievements, and for fulfilment and joy. In Maslow's words, we can become more and more fully "self-actualised", using more and more of the gifts we were born with, expressing more and more of who we are in the world.

Along the same lines, another of Maslow's most important findings was that, as people become more self-actualising, they naturally have the desire to contribute to others, to make a positive difference in whatever they do. Men and women who experience true self-actualisation do not become more selfish or self-centred, but are consistently more outward-focused, giving, and unselfish in their relationships with others.

Based on Maslow discoveries, all of the AsiaWorks courses are designed for ordinary, normal men and women and bring within reach of all of us a proven methodology for actualising our full potential for success and achievement, and for living from moment to moment with aliveness, joy and fulfilment, in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.


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